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21세기 교육혁명의 화두
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dr. Sean Lee's 2014 Thinking Skill Summer Camp

Now your children’s school performance is determined by their thinking skills. It is because the intensified Common Core curriculum in the fall 2014 focuses on students’ thinking skills. In this summer, Dr. Sean Lee’s Thinking Skill Summer Camp with its 13 years of experience guarantees the improvement of your children’s academic performance.

The Common Core curriculum in the elementary, middle, and high school puts the highest priority in explaining one’s own claim and argument with a proper reasoning along with detailed proof and examples by applying thinking skills in the process of reading and writing. We need to apply an analytical thinking skill in finding out one’s own claim, a synthetic thinking skill in providing proper examples, and an evaluative thinking skill in making reasonable explanation. Your children need to learn critical reading and writing based on thinking skills that apply all the grades in the primary and secondary school. The learning of thinking skills determines the future of your children.

The program in Dr. Sean Lee’s 2014 Thinking Skill Summer Camp is divided with Basic Thinking Skill and Critical Thinking Skill. Students will be tested to be placed in a proper class and tutoring at home can be arranged depending on the students’ situation. Please be prepared to cope with Critical Reading, Critical Writing, and all the Common Core curriculum by completing the 12 stages of thinking skills in Dr. Sean Lee’s Summer Camp.

Period: July 14- Aug 21, 2014, Mon-Thu (select your preferred 3 weeks)
Time: Morning (9:30 – 12 Noon); Afternoon (1:00 – 3:30 PM)
Registration: $1,800
Early-bird discount: 15% off by 5/31; 10% off by 6/15

Please visit our office for detailed information.

Dr. Sean Lee’s 2014 Thinking Skill Summer Camp
Critical Thinking Tutor Academy
163 Eileen Way, Syosset, NY 11791
Phone: 516-404-9968

Dr. Sean Lee:
Former Adjunct Professor, Institute of Public Administration at New York    
Director, Critical Thinking Center

이승호박사 생각의기술 2014 썸머캠프

이제 생각의기술이 자녀의 학교성적을 좌우하게 되었습니다. 2014년 가을학기부터 대폭 강화되는 각 과목의 Common Core 커리큘럼이 학생들의 생각의 기술에 촛점을 맞추고 있기 때문입니다. 올 여름 13년경험의 이승호박사 생각의 기술 썸머캠프가 자녀들의 성적향상을 책임집니다.

초중고등학교 새중점 교과과정인 Common Core는 읽고 쓰는과정에서 학생들 스스로 생각의기술을 적용하여 자신의 논점을 구체적인 사례와 함께 논리적으로 설명하는 능력을 최고로 강조하고 있습니다. 논점을 찿는것은 분석능력이며, 사례를 찿는것은 종합능력이며, 논리적인 설명은 평가능력에 해당되는 생각하는기술을 말합니다. 이제 생각하는기술을 바탕으로 Critical Reading Critical Writing을 배워야하고 이것은 초중고 전학년 (K-12th grade)에 적용이 됩니다. 생각의 기술이 자녀의 미래를 결정합니다.

본 이승호박사 2014 생각의기술 썸머캠프는 기본생각기술과 심층생각기술 2부문으로 나누어져있고, 학생들의 개별테스트후 학년별, 수준별로 진행되며, 학생들의 사정에 따라 각 가정에서의 방문수업도 가능합니다. 올여름 생각의기술 12단계를 완수하여, Critical Reading & Critical Writing, 그리고 모든 커먼코어 커리큘럼에 대비하십시요.

기간: 2014 7 14– 8 21, -(원하시는 3주 선택)
시간: 오전반 (9:30 – 12); 오후반 (1– 3:30)
등록: $1,800
조기등록할인: 15% off by 5/31; 10% off by 6/15

자세한 내용은 방문문의를 부탁드립니다.

이승호박사 생각의기술 2014 썸머캠프
Critical Thinking Tutor Academy
163 Eileen Way, Syosset, NY 11791
Phone: 516-404-9968

전 뉴욕대 행정연구원 겸임교수
심층생각의기술 원장 (Critical Thinking Center)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Are You Ready for the Common Core Curriculum?

Coping with the Common Core Curriculum?

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Healthy and Balanced Thinking?

I believe you care about healthy and balanced diet for your children's physical health. But what about "healthy and balanced thinking" for their mental health? Dr. Carole Wade and Dr. Carol Tavris said, "Most people know that you have to exercise the body to keep it in shape, but they may not realize that clear thinking also requires effort and practice... Critical thinking is not only indispensable in ordinary life; it is also fundamental to all science."

If you want to know more about the relationship between critical thinking and students' healthy and balanced mental health and academic performance, please call 516.404.9968 for consultation appointment. 

Truth, Beauty, and Virtue

What makes humans so human separated from all other animals? Scientists report there is only 1 percent genetic difference between humans and chimps. Still humans have been dominant on this planet and accomplished unimaginable scale of cultures and civilization. One of the critical aspects of human nature is humans' ability to grasp abstract ideas and creative thoughts. In contrast, animals are confined to something visible in the present time and space in their communication. The fundamentals of human development lie in our ability to communicate with the past and the future. The displacement and creativeness of human languages prompt us to learn more and make efforts to lead a better life. That's why we send our children to school.

While there is a positive side of human development through our ability to capture abstract ideas and creative thoughts, we often fall into a negative side of destruction and loss of our freedom. Unlike animals, humans are given the power of free will and freedom. Throughout human history, we have witnessed that when we use our free will in a wrong way, we often lose our freedom and fall into a total despair. Sometimes, our freedom or free will could be suppressed by dictators, but nobody cannot deprive free will from human nature. So the matter of importance is how we use our free will to increase our freedom.

However, it is very important to know why we are given the power of free will in the first place. The purpose of human free will is to love because without free will there is no true love.

Then, how can we use our free will in a right way? The answer lies in loving the right things that are "truth, beauty, and virtue." Our children should love truth, beauty, and virtue, through which they can lead to true happiness. Through the exercise of critical thinking, our children can find the path they should go.

For details on the path, please call 516-404-9968 for consultation appointment.

Silent Revolution in Your Children's School Life!

Critical thinking makes a silent revolution in students’ learning at school. Critical thinking begins with realization of the reason why humans have the ability to grasp abstract ideas and creative thoughts. Through critical thinking, students understand the reason why humans are given the power of free will and freedom, and then they are able to find the path they should go.

Critical thinking is an in-depth analytical thinking. When students are able to practice critical thinking skills at school, they will get a huge improvement in school grades in all subjects including English, science, math, and social studies. Their school life will become positive and active.

Critical thinking is generally referred to as thinking about thinking. Actually, it helps students to regard themselves as objective beings and think about what they are thinking and doing.

It definitely helps them to make comfortable and confident choices in whatever they are doing. Knowing a clear direction and destination loosens lots of anxiety in their school life.

This is a silent revolution!

For more info, please review or call 516-404-9968 for consultation appointment.

Difficult in Improving Critical Reading?

Did you know that Critical Thinking is a prerequisite for Critical Reading? Without critical thinking skills (CTS), students cannot improve their critical reading. CTS is an in-depth analytical thinking skills applying in a vertical way.

On the surface of the reading, CTS helps to analyze and organize facts and information in a structural and functional way.

On the 2nd layer, CTS turns information into knowledge. CTS helps students to interpret the information so that the information is linked to a specific idea. Those who are able to put the information (examples) and the idea together could build up their knowledge and they are able to expand it through comparison and contrast with other knowledge they learn from various sources. CTS helps students keep knowledge being accumulated and expanded through various readings. They are now doing critical reading!

On the 3rd layer, CTS helps students to use the accumulated knowledge to get into the stage of wisdom, which evaluates various values. Students learn how to set up their position on the topic idea. In this process of evaluation, CTS helps to diagnose the implication and assumption of issues and propose a suggestion based on their valued position. CTS process definitely increases the power of critical reading.

For more info, call 516.404.9968 for consultation appointment or refer to:

A Unique College Essay?

How can we write a unique college essay?

The answer firstly lies in realizing how we all are born with such unique environments as family, school, and community.

Secondly, we need to brainstorm the time and place where we find ourselves most memorable.

Thirdly,we need to ponder in what areas of values we find ourselves most comfortable and valuable among truth, beauty, and virtue.

We humans are born with goals and problems since our lives are not predetermined. We seek the goals based on the values we cherish. We prioritize the seriousness of the problems based on the values on which we put higher priority. The goals and problems are the two sides of the same coin. In order to write a good college essay, we ourselves should know what values we esteem most in reflection of the goals and problems of the events or issues we identify through the brainstorming.

In addition, the skills of brainstorming should be learned and the critical thinking skills of distilling values from the goals and problems need to be applied. Also, the detailed and concise writing style is highly recommended. 
For more info, please refer to, or call 516-404-9968 for consultation appointment.

Dear Parents:

Did you know the importance of critical thinking in children's learning process? Critical thinking is an in-depth analytical thinking that enhances the power of reading, writing, and debate.

Critical Thinking Makes a Huge Difference!

Critical thinking tutors at CTT Academy help your children to be successful not only in all school subjects such as English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, but also in standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, and SATII. The college-level program has been redesigned to educate primary and secondary school students in an effective way. It has been taught to a lot of students for more than ten years.

The program is primarily designed for the 5th-12th graders. Each class is composed of three students so that they get individual attention from a teacher while having a chance to share their knowledge and ideas. After school/homework help program for all graders and private tutoring for all subjects are available, too.

Your early action for this program is very important for your children's successful future!

             FALL 2013 PROGRAM (Sept. 9, 2013 - Jan. 29, 2014)

After School/Homework Help                     Mon-Fri (4-6 pm)
Critical Reading                                        Mon & Tues (4-6 pm)
Critical Essay Writing                                Wed & Thurs (4-6 pm)
Math/Science                                          Mon-Fri (4-6 pm)
Young Socrates Club                               Mon-Thurs (6-7 pm)
Association Club                                     Mon-Thurs (6-7 pm)
SAT,ACT,SATII,PSAT,SSAT                       Sat (9-12 pm; 1-5 pm)
Saturday Class (all subjects)                   Sat (10-12 pm; 1-5 pm)
Private Tutoring (all subjects)                  Anytime Available